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Portrait XO (she/they) is an independent researcher and transdisciplinary artist.  Recently awarded jazzki award by ELBJAZZ (June 2023), the first German human-AI jazz prize, she’s been recognized over the years for her work in sonic innovation with AI audio pioneers Dadabots.  They won ‘Best Experiment’ award at VUT Indie Awards 2021, and Eurovision AI Song Contest Jury Vote for ‘most creative use of AI’ in 2020.  Her development into AI audiovisual art evolved through several artist residencies from NEW NOW FESTIVAL and BBA Gallery in 2022, and Factory Berlin x Sonar+D in 2020.  She researches computational creativity, human-machine collaboration, and explores new formats & applications for forward-thinking art and sound.  She holds a monthly radio residency with her art & activism collective CO:QUO (CO-CREATE STATUS-QUO) on Refuge Worldwide Radio, and is a founding member of The IASAS (International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists) and Refraction Festival DAO.  To expand the community of sound artists and creative technologists, she founded SOUND OBSESSED - sonic innovation archive, celebrating the journey and milestones of new innovation in sound.  Her debut research-based AI audiovisual album 'WIRE' released on December 9th 2022 as a first of its kind on chain to Vinyl release on music polygon marketplace twelve x twelve.  The core of her works address bias in society, translate speculative opinions about AI, and critique the impact of AI on creativity, identity, underrepresented cultures and society. 

She has performed, presented, and exhibited at The UN AI for Good Summit, SXSW, Ars Electronica, MONOM, Reeperbahn Festival, International Music Summit, Amsterdam Dance Event, BBA Gallery, RE:PUBLICA, Sonar+D, Factory Berlin, Tech Open Air, Redbull Music, Future Forum by BMW Welt, KIKK Festival, Github, and more.